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shoutout to olivias wardrobe u are killing it lately :) xxx

Flo ily xx

Hey I bought a pair of black and white print formal joggers from primark and was wondering whether you can give me some ideas to style them please?? Thank u xx


Black sandals or heeled sandals, white blouses and shirts or coloured crop tops, maybe leather tops and leather jackets too xx

What do you do with your eyebrows ? Do you fill them in ? And do you pluck them or thread they ? Sorry for all the questions they are really nice haha


I fill them in and pluck them a little xx

#regram from @304clothing at #mcrfw! So into it 😎

you're one of my biggest inspirations. :)



Omg you have a Celine bag??!!


Nooo just a similar xx

I was just wondering.. What did you wear to your interview at topshop? I'm not going to copy you but I have my first interview in a week and I'm really scared :(


http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=119717409 xx

do you curl your hair? x


Yes xx