I'm Olivia, I'm an eighteen year old from Cheshire in England who works at Topshop. I like fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging. You can view my main blog here.
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what do you suggest to buy from ebay? :) (like from the online shops, not bidding)


I usually just buy candles haha xx

What do you use to fill in your brows? I need to know! Love them x


Benefit brow zings xx



Omg heheheh xx

Emilia Clarke for Flare magazine

✰ fleauring ✰


don't you know what to do in what way? work? studies? relationships? /good luck! xx



In your icon pic, is that the necklace that eleanor has? If it is I'm sooooooo jelly of you!!! Doesn't it like cost loads?!?


The black and white one I have now? No it’s a gift that polyvore gave to me, it says “oliviaswardrobe” 😀

Hii <3 tomorrow I'm gonna go on a hole day shopping trip, and I don't exaclty know what I'm gonna shop for fall and winter 14-15 can you help me please?



I bought the mid stone joni jeans and they are so comfy but you can see the stitching. Is that normal or do i need a size bigger? Xx


Take them into a store and see what they think xx

Are you even still friends with ellie and sam anymore?


No I absorbed them to gain their power